Salon Son & Image

FAQFAQ - General

About the Salon

Who are the Salon visitors?
We have a very diverse clientele: music lovers, audiophiles, videophiles, technophiles. Many visitors are actively looking for a system and will take the SSI opportunity to compare brands, quality, and features before comitting to a purchase.
Who are the Salon exhibitors?
Our exhibitors are manufacturers, distributors, retailers and craftsmen from the electronics industry. Please browse the Exhibitors List on our site for more details.
How much time should I devote to visiting the Salon?
It is possible to visit the entire Show within 4 to 5 hours. Meanwhile if you wish to take your time, to listen and judge each system, we suggest that you plan for a 2 days visit.
Why is the Salon taking place in a hotel?
Hotel rooms make the listening experience quite similar to what it will be at home. A majority of our exhibitors wish to show off their audio and video equipment in the best possible conditions, it is thus preferable to do so in an isolated, closed room like hotel rooms or boardrooms.
How many visitors is the SSI expecting?
We welcome 6,000 to 7,000 visitors from Quebec, Canada and the USA every single year. This makes the SSI the largest consumer electronics show open to the general public in North America.
Is there any other salon like the SSI in Canada?
We will host a similar show for the first time in Toronto in September 2011.
Where will Salon Son & Image 2015 be held?
Salon Son & Image 2015 will take place at the Montreal Hilton Bonaventure in the heart of downtown Montreal:
900, de La Gauchetière St. West
Montreal (QC) H5A 1E4
What are the 2014 show dates?
March 27, 28 & 29.
What are the 2014 show hours?
Friday March 27: 11 a.m to 8 p.m.
Saturday March 28: 10 a.m to 6 p.m.
Sunday March 29: 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
Is there any parking nearby?
The Hilton Bonaventure has a convenient 750 cars underground parking, and there are 5000 lower cost outdoor parking spots in the vicinity.
What is the closest Metro station?
The Bonaventure Metro Station arrive at Place Bonaventure.The Salon strongly recommends using public transportation to avoid downtown parking fees.
Is there any chartered bus to the Salon in my area?
We are ready to help you organize this service in your area. Please contact us by phone or email.
Is there a cloakroom for visitors on site?
Yes, there is a cloakroom available to visitors at the Hilton Bonaventure.


Is admission free for the kids?
Yes, admission is totally free for kids under 17, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
Can I purchase my tickets before the show?
It is now possible to buy your ticket online from 1 Febuary to 27 March.
Can I pay for my tickets by debit or credit card?
If I am a professional in the industry , do I need to pay to visit the exhibition?
This year all industry members will be ask to contribute $16 to participate to the show, your pass is valid for four days and entitles you to conferences, free cocktail, free dinner and free concert on Thursday night.


Can I buy any equipment on site?

A few exhibitors will be selling their show demo systems, others will gladly take your order for their product and make delivery arrangements. You can also directly purchase CDs, LPs and accessories at the Salon.

Can I buy Vinyl, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray at the Salon?
Yes, you will find a wide selection of audio and video discs at the Salon, and at a good price too. Many rare finds and collectors items to boot in the audio section.
Can I bring my own albums to judge equipment?
It is possible to listen your own disc on most of the system, meanwhile it is the exhibitor choice to accept.

Show Events

Will there be any conferences this year?
Most definitely, yes. There will be many conferences and workshops this year. Please see details in our EVENTS section.
Will there be any live music shows in 2015?
Most definitely, yes. There will be many conferences and workshops this year. Please see details in our EVENTS section.